What do Lips Reveal about a person?

Dear Julie and Beth,

I am dating a man who is very different from anyone I have been with in the past.  This is really a good relationship and we are very compatible.  It’s the first time I’ve been with someone who is so open with his feelings.  I love that part of him.  I learned a little about face reading, and the one thing I noticed about him is that he has full lips.  My ex-husband almost had no lips at all.  I wondered if full lips meant anything on a guy (besides the fact he is an excellent kisser LOL!).  Enclosed is a picture of us at Christmas.  Thanks!



Dear Linda,

Thanks for your question.  The answer is yes, in face reading, every feature on the face has meaning as it relates to one’s personality and behavior.  The mouth not only represents how we communicate with others, it also reflects our degree of sensuality and our sexual desires.  The LIPS are the part of the mouth that are most enlightening if you want to know the intimacy requirements of the man you meet.  An experienced face reader can assess whether or not a person enjoys lovemaking.  After learning just a few definitions of the shape and size of the mouth and lips, you will have instant and accurate feedback about a man’s sexual desires before they even say a word

In Chinese face reading, the upper lip represents a man’s “feminine side”.   The lower lip is his “masculine” side.  In other words, the upper lip shows how sensual he is and his ability to love, and his lower lip shows how much he needs to be loved.

When both lips are large and full, this means your man is extremely sensuous and playful.  He is physically demonstrative and likes to show what he feels whenever he can.  He will seek physical pleasures in abundance.  He tries new ways to bring pleasure and he is constantly thinking about what will make his partner feel good.  He likes to keep his relationships and sex life interesting.  His excitement is contagious and he has a natural ability to sweep his partners up in his high-energy passion.  He is extremely verbal about what they need and like and they have no problem expressing it – to whoever will listen.  If he gets bored, he may wander.

A man with thin lips is very reserved and not comfortable with a close, sensual relationship initially.  However, he is quick to skip the foreplay and jump right into sexual relationships.  He’s not comfortable with public displays of intimacy.  He is careful not to share anything that would open him up to criticism from his partner.   He may seem to be holding his partner at arm’s length, even when he is in a full blown sexual relationship.  He is in tune with his own needs and what his partner wants, but will never be comfortable in sharing his inner most feelings.  An understanding partner will take a patient wait-and-see approach and not push him into deeper levels of intimacy before he is ready.  Men with very thin lips are inevitably disappointing lovers because their partners never feel they really know them.

A man with a very large mouth believes in love at first sight.  He likes instant gratification when it comes to his sex life and is the type of personality that will pull the car over to the side of the road because he can’t wait to get home.  He knows what he wants and he is extremely sensual, but has to be careful not to get too selfish.  He wants recognition and to be noticed, so he will go to great lengths to please his partner– and then he expects to be told he is the greatest in return.

He loves foreplay and gets plenty of sensual pleasure from doing romantic deeds for his partner, such as buying flowers, candy or a romantic dinner.  He is quickly aroused, but likely to experience an uneven ebb and flow of desire.

If you meet a man with a small round mouth, get out a pad of paper and a pen and be prepared to take notes on what he wants.  He will tell you exactly what his sensual needs are and he expects you to remember it.  He is expressive and sensual as long as he receives equal or greater amounts of attention in return.  He is romantic and dreamy.  He believes in ever-lasting love and will be the most faithful partner as long as he does not sense deceit.  He is extremely perceptive.  It’s as if he has laser beam vision into the hearts of others and he knows exactly what his partner wants.  He expects the same from others and his impatience comes from his unrealistic expectation that everyone has such keen perception.  He loves to explore his partner and will spend many intimate hours together trying to find that new button to push.  He has a curious approach to intimacy.  He is capable of giving himself totally with an intensity most of us can only dream or read about.

By skillfully analyzing the faces of others, paying careful attention to the mouth and lips, you can assess their owner’s sex drive and degree of sensuality and whether he will be a sexual thrill seeker, a gratifying and passionate partner or a hopeless lover.


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6 responses to “What do Lips Reveal about a person?

  1. Janet E Burgess

    You were so right on about a man with thin lips. To much trouble for the very little return. Even just a simple friendship isn’t worth the one sided investment. This is my experience others may have had a very different one. Also there is no kiss simply because there isn’t any lips!!!!

    • sofi

      I greatly disagree with the comment by Janet. In regards to men with thin lips ‘not being worth it’. I understand that ,that had been her personal experience,and I hope that she has found something better for her or will in the future. But truly lips are hardly an indication of wheather or not you will be happy with someone. I have in my personal experience have ‘dated’ quite a few men with big lips, full lips and have had a rather god awful experience with each one. Lips can also be an inherited trait, and racial background can also be a factor. Looking for a lover,by looking for a particular set of lips,is terribly misguided. Look at the whole person. And even if you wish to implement face reading, look at the whole face. A person with thin lips,may have a harsh lip line,but gentle eyes and a loving personality. As for kissing, you will enjoy kissing any person that you truly like and feel connected to. I personaly,sometimes, find it more masculine and fine on a man to have less full lips.

  2. Josh

    Lol, no. I have very full lips and the thin lipped description describes me perfectly.

  3. bea

    what about a woman with thin lips??

  4. dellaporteous

    My man has large upper and lower lips and I can definitely see the resemblance, he is very playful, and I think large lips may even reflect how outgoing they are, in my experience, most people I have come across with larger lips have a very open out there personality…

  5. Donovan

    is there any science behind this?

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